Someone Creates Hilarious Fake Tinder Account As Creepy Old Man And Trolls People

Tinder is a wonderous place where people can use their creativity to find love, conduct social experiments or just have a laugh with good old fashioned trolling. It might seem obvious but not everyone has the same experience on this platform. Women get creepier messages than men, which someone discovered through FaceSwap, and if you are more attractive – well you can get away with saying some pretty creepy things.

In an attempt to troll for their own amusement, a contributor to the called GoofyDads, Danny Spears created a fake account as 69-year-old “Bill the Handyman.” Spears used Face App over his photos to transform himself into an elderly man, all in the name of comedy. “We just wanted to provide some Dad antics for people to laugh at. Since I am completely inexperienced with Tinder, I figured it would be fun to troll some of the people on there,” he told Bored Panda.

‘Bill’s’ face and quirky bio might not have seemed like it would catch too many fish, but he got tons of matches and the exchanges are absolutely hilarious. “If it made one person laugh and that changed the course of their day, my purpose of doing it was met.”

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Someone created a fake tinder profile as a 69-year-old man named Bill to troll people

Image credits: GoofyDads

Image credits: GoofyDads

Image credits: GoofyDads

Image credits: GoofyDads

Someone tried their luck and messaged the confident handyman

As it turns out Bill caught even more fish than he could handle. “I actually had to delete the account because I kept getting so many messages from people. It was a blend of people who thought I was real and people who just wanted to say thanks for the laugh,” said Spears. The best offer he received? “Someone actually messaged me her macaroni and cheese recipe. If I wasn’t married, I would have taken her up on the offer because she’s all about that glorious baked goodness.” Sorry ladies this prankster is taken.

People in the comments thought ‘Bill’ was quite the catch

The United States is the most Tinder-obsessed country. The app gets 1.6 billion swipes per day with over 20 billion matches. Tinder might have begun as a hookup app, but according to Tinder, its users don’t just see it that way. It reports that out of its 20 billion matches, 80% of them are looking for meaningful relationships.


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