As if Rosalía’s music didn’t already have us longing for a life we’ve never known, her new song “Dolerme” does not help. Dropping right as people settle into their social distancing, the love song about a fiery on-again, off-again relationship is not helping this whole “isolated” thing. If you’re lucky enough to have a quaran-crush, have fun daydreaming about your relationship post-coronavirus while Rosalía croons. We’ll just be here alone. “Dolerme” (which translates to “Hurt Me” in English) is Rosalía’s second single of the year. She performed her first, “Juro Que,” at the 2020 Grammy Awards where she won Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album for 2019’s El Mal Querer. In the “Dolerme” cover art, Rosalía takes part in our new favorite weekend activity: laying in bed and staring at a screen. But at least now there’s new Rosalía to listen to. And, frankly, old Rosalía. Maybe we are busy, after all.

Rosalía’s New Single Somehow Makes Dating Seem Appealing