Online Dating Tips: Things You Didn’t Know

You probably have tried hundreds of times to join an online dating site to find your soulmate but have been unsuccessful every single time. You are also wondering how that one friend of yours managed to find the perfect partner through such a website while you did not find even a single one interested in you. This is because there are many things about online dating that you don’t know about which is why you haven’t been successful in your soulmate searching. You have to set more realistic expectations and that the whole process of online dating may take more than just a few days. Preparing yourself with enough knowledge for your next sign-up to such a website you are increasing your chances of finally finding someone.

Here are some of the things you should know about online dating sites.

Too many bots

Have you ever noticed that you keep getting matches, but they either never respond or just link you to another website? This is actually common for a lot of dating sites including Tinder,, OkCupid and others. The reality is that many other websites and companies use online dating sites for their benefit by creating fake profiles and use bots to match and contact other people. Once you realize the way a bot communicates, you will be able to avoid such a bait. If you notice that someone you have matched with does not respond regularly or unnaturally, then you should probably just avoid talking to them.

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Many people do not respond

Online dating is pretty simple math. The more people you try to connect with, the bigger the chances you are going to find someone interested in you or even your soulmate. The more you try to interact with the people you have matched, the bigger the chances you can find someone who has the same interests as you. Keep in mind, that people who do not respond to you does not necessarily mean that they do not have any wish to speak with you. They are either too busy in their real-life with work or they just completely gave up on the dating site. Most people do not judge a person just by their online dating profile, so there is no reason why someone wouldn’t respond back to you.

In other words, we are trying to tell you not to find a fault in yourself just because someone hasn’t communicated with you. People obviously have other priorities, and considering that you are still a stranger to them, they will spend more time on other more important stuff. That does not make you an unwanted person.

Some people use dating sites just for fun

The great thing about these websites is that they allow us to easily meet people without having to spend time going out, spending money and drinking. This can be pretty convenient for people who do not have enough time in their lives to start dating in real life. They are just looking for an online friend or to have some fun with romantically oriented text messages. Do not try to change their minds and force them to go out with you because they might start avoiding to speak with you. These people usually have a good reason why they avoid dating or going out at night, so there’s no need to annoy them by pushing them for a real-life date.

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Online dating requires a bit of skepticism

If you think that everyone on dating sites is completely honest, you are very wrong. You probably have no reason to hide anything about yourself and your profile is completely sincere. However, not everyone wants to reveal everything about themselves on their online dating profile, so take everything you read with a bit of grain of salt. It is important to safely approach people on dating sites and keep yourself safe until you are certain that they are honest and their profiles are true.


There are several terms that are constantly used online when referring to dating, so here are some of those terms you didn’t know about.


This online dating term is referred to the men or women who are the third person of a threesome. In this dating culture, the unicorn is a very attractive and jealous man or woman and the couple during the threesome must be very careful and caring with them. If they are not honest and treat with the unicorn in a threesome, they will surely be an unhappy ending.

Unicorn Hunters

The name explains itself. A Unicorn hunter is a couple or a person who is looking for either a male or a female unicorn to join a couple in a threesome. After registering on an online dating site, you should specify in your profile that you are a unicorn hunter if you want to easily find a unicorn for your next threesome. In case you are a hunter, or looking for a couple, check out

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Other things you should consider when online dating

Here are a few other things you must consider if you want to successfully find the love of your life or a new sexual partner.

Don’t worry about what others think

A lot of people are afraid to make their own online dating profile because they are embarrassed that their friends might find them on the app or site. Your friends probably won’t care since having a profile on such a website in this modern-day and time is completely normal. If they found you on such a site then obviously they have a profile too. There is nothing embarrassing about that. Be brave and create an honest profile that will realistically depict your mindset and your looks.

Take it seriously

If you want to see the greatest benefits of using dating sites then you will have to take it more seriously. Take good photos of yourself, add more than just a few and start writing to people. Don’t forget about the website after a few days, you must be patient and often check whether you have got a new message or an email.


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