Fire Starting Face Off

Not all fire starting gear is created equal and today we’re pitting two tools and two tinders against one another. Our tools are a Brass Fire Starter vs. a ferro rod (included in our ITS Mini Survival Kit) paired with a knife. For tinder, we’re comparing fatwood shavings and a Tinder-Quik Tab.

First up is the Brass Firestarter and fatwood shavings. The spark is very direct, but not quite large enough to ignite. However, the knife and ferro rod offer a large enough spark to get the pile going.

Next, we’re pulling the Tinder-Quik tab apart to make more surface area for the sparks and you’ll see it catches very quickly using the Brass Fire Starter. It’s the same story with the ferro rod and the knife.

Tinder-Quik Tabs are one of the easiest and quickest methods for fire starting, but it never hurts to have redundant options like a ferro rod on hand.


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