Dinky One یک سایت دوستیابی جدید است که برای افرادی که آلت تناسلی کوچک دارند ، ارائه می دهد


ByAnna Iovine

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There are niche dating websites for seemingly everything these days:beard owners and beard lovers,conspiracy theorists, andTrump supportersjust to name a few.

Now there’s a new one that hopes to break a hurtful stigma. MeetDinky One, a site for those with small penises and the people who love them. Founded by David Minns, Dinky One hopes to combat the pressure by the media and porn industries to confirm to certain ideals — in this case, a big penis.

“Some men are big, some average and some below average,” said Minns in a press release. “Dinky One lets smaller men date people outside their circle of friends with the safety that everyone using the site is fully aware. Members can focus on shared interests and get on with dating.”

Dinky One is a new dating site that caters to people with small penises

Image: dinky one

Dinky One saw around 27,000 users when it launched on March 9, and they’ve added 5,000 in the past day alone. A fifth of the men who join are gay or bi, but anyone — straight, queer, trans — can join. 

Minns sees the increase in users as a good sign. “Guys have not shied away from signing up to Dinky One,” he said, “and has opened the global debate of does size really matter and hopefully goes someway to building male body confidence.” 

While it may seem like a gimmick, Dinky One can be seen as a body positivity win. One user, a 36-year-old called T. in the site’s press release, said he prefers to online date as someone with a small penis. “It’s… far better to date online with strangers,” T. said, “and even better on a dedicated site such as Dinky One as everyone knows in advance.”


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