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How to Choose the Right Sex Toy

Shopping Tips

If you’re new to sex toys, shopping for your first one can be really intimidating. There area lotof not-so-great and flat-out bad sex toys out there.

1. Ask Yourself Questions, Learn

Start by asking yourself what you like: How do you like to be touched? What kind of experience are you looking for? Are you interested in trying something new? Do you want something for internal or external use?

Asking questions is the first, and most important, step. I also recommend checking out theWildflower store. It’s both a sex shop and sex toy manufacturer, and has a robust series of educational articles and a great Q&A section. You can even ask questions via Instagram.

You should also check outOh Joy Sex Toy, a fantastic webcomic by artist Erika Moen. It’s an excellent resource for toy reviews and all kinds of sexual education content.

2. Take a Trip to a Store (or YouTube)

Once you have some idea of what you want to try, you should try to find a local (gender-inclusive) sex shop and just go on in and see if they have the toy you’re curious about. Getting hands on for a sex toy can be super important. The feel, the texture, the weight, how the vibration feels—these are things that really benefit from some hands-on time.

Of course, that’s not really an option during quarantine. Instead, you should check YouTube for hands-on videos (there are a lot of them). It’s not as good as feeling the toy with your own hands, but it’s the closest you can get during lockdown. Good luck!


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